Photography Journey Begins

Photo by Cameron Kirby on Unsplash

I have been interested in photography for years and experimented a lot with whatever digital cameras I had, FlipShare cameras that I would pause and screenshot in the frame I wanted, or my cell phone. After a lot of research, I have finally made the plunge and purchased a Canon 7D Mark II. As my primary focus is dance photography, I wanted a camera with a lot of options regarding high shutter speed and could take clear images in dark spaces (I.E. Theaters, rehearsal halls, etc.) 

Excited to steal my dancers and friends and experiment with my new equipment. Things I am looking into doing are:

  • Long exposure night scenes with a dancer wrapped in Christmas lights
  • Smoke bombs on water with a floating model in a long dress
  • Levitation

Don’t worry – I’m not one of those people who buy a camera and think their a photographer. I’m doing my research and looking into taking courses to make sure I stay away from that category of “picture takers”.  I also took graphic design in college and had to do a lot of  Photoshop and Lightroom projects.

Looking forward to the arrival of my baby tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted.

~ M



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