Cake Smash Survey

Please read what to expect and then don’t forget to fill out the form below so I may prepare for your session.

Cake (I do not provide the cake for liability reasons)

Cake Size: I highly recommend a 6-inch cake. It seems to be the perfect size for a great session. Avoid cupcakes or tiny pre-made cakes

Frosting: Be sure to choose a cake that has frosting–NOT fondant. Fondant doesn’t give us those amazing cake smash portraits we’re going for

Frosting colors: Try to avoid brown and red which can look a little less than pleasant when smeared on your little one’s face. I recommend light colors for the cake and the frosting. Pastels in particular photograph very well! Lastly, sprinkles always photograph great! Especially if you want to add some accent to your cake

A note about white: If you choose a white cake, try to get a cream-colored frosting instead of bright white which can look over-exposed.


I recommend you bring two outfits for photographs, one for the cake smash, and one outfit for your little one to wear home. We will use the first two outfits for your first birthday portraits, then change into a different outfit to get messy during the smash! Some simply wear a diaper with a cover (shorts with suspenders, skirts and headband, etc) for the cake smash. Then, finally, something cozy to go home in. 

Snacks and drinks

Be sure to come prepared with a drink for your little one. They are sure to get thirsty once they start eating the cake!

I also recommend bringing your child’s favorite snacks. This can be helpful if we need to put something in the cake to entice your baby to dig in.

Remember the time

We will have 30-35mins for portraits. Then we will have about 10-15mins to change and set up the cake. The last 15mins or so will be for your little one to just have fun with the cake and be free. Please be sure your child is well rested prior to the session. Let them sleep in or have their nap before arriving. This will ensure they have the most energy and happiest of moods.